The Return to the Natural

The call of more natural environments is also calling more people to using ages-old wisdom in healing. More people are returning to growing and making their own foods, recycling everything they can, being more aware of their “footprint” on earth. This is why Reiki is used by millions of people around the world.

I am always so grateful for having learned this wonderful natural method of healing and have used it for so many different types of ailments, pain, dis-ease and stress relief, with remarkable outcomes. I believe I am alive today only because of the practices of Reiki, meditation, yoga and mental discipline brought about by years of just practicing what I know works for me.

Drugs as we know them have only been around for about 100 years. Originally all drugs came from man-made creation of a known natural product. eg. Aspirin came from natural resources just to name one common medication. Natural products don’t have side-effects when taken in moderation. Whereas people find with man-made creations which don’t necessarily heal but just placate symptoms, that they have side-effects which then need another new medicine, which of course has side-effects.

When I was in hospital from a life-threatening situation, upon leaving I was asked what medications I am on. I said that the only ones were what the hospital was prescribing at that time. Another person rang from the Hospital pharmacy asking me the same question. Eventually the chemist actually came to see me face to face and asked the same question. I said, again, that I was on nothing except what was being prescribed at that time and I hoped it was all only temporary. To all who asked me it seemed impossible that I was in my 60’s and didn’t take so much as an aspirin. This is what we have created in a world where we want quick fixes though and need to have more responsibility and understanding of one of the greatest miracles on Earth – the human body.

Reiki gives me support and courage when I need it. Reiki allows me to be more who I am by helping me to uncover exactly who I am. I have used Reiki to heal past traumas and to uncover that which I haven’t wanted to see or delve into. I can’t in a small space explain exactly everything that Reiki has given me. I am always happy to talk about it with anyone who asks. May you be blessed and healthy.

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