Sit comfortably in an area where you will not be disturbed by others or outside influences. Ensure your back is straight but not rigid and that you are comfortable in your pose. Close your eyes. Breathe gently and feel the chest expansions and contractions. If your mind wanders, just come back to feeling your breath.

 Create a thought of willingness to connect with your Higher Self. Make an intention to listen and connect with that part of you which is all-knowing and connected to the Divine Principle of Life. Once you have made that intention, again sit quietly and breathe gently.

 Imagine a stair case going down. Observe the stairs and what those steps are made from. Be as descriptive as you can to bring your focus to those stairs. There is a railing as well. What colour is it? What is it made of? Can you imagine feeling that railing? Again, focus your attention on the stairs and the railing, and imagine you are standing at the top step and feeling the railing.

 You feel safe. And you want to descend. Imagine as vividly as you can going down step by step. And with each step you feel more relaxed, more comfortable, more removed from your day to day life. Imagine just quietly and slowly descending. Feeling more and more relaxed with each step. Take your time. Enjoy the feeling of gentleness and relaxation which grows with each step down the stair case.

 When you reach the bottom of the stair case, you will see a hallway. There are several doors in that hallway. Imagine the colour of the doors, and what they are made of. You will see one that says Highest Self. This is the door you have been wanting to find. Focus on the door. What colour is it? What is it made of? Where is the door knob? Imagine reaching out and taking hold of that door knob. What does it feel like? Be as descriptive as possible.

 When you feel comfortable, open the door and enter into what is a beautiful, warm golden mist. * Remember your intention of willingness to listen to your Highest Self and go on the journey that is yours alone. Listen to the voice that comes, feel its tone, and love. Feel the strength. Feel the difference of this voice against any other voices that you sometimes hear.

 When you have finished with your meeting, imagine entering the gold mist again, and finding your way to the door. Pass through the door into the hallway, being mindful of how you feel and what you sense. You see the stair case and move to it. You put your hand on the railing and feel it. Does it feel more real? Do you feel more sensitive? Is your description more vivid? What do you sense as you take the first step up the stair case?

 You move gently up the stairs, feeling alive, strong, healthy and excited about your path ahead. You know you can connect with your Highest Self whenever you wish. You know you will hear the difference now of the voice you normally have in your head, and the voice of your Highest Self.

 You know that you can have guidance for every part of your journey whenever you wish. With each step up the stair case, you still feel relaxed, however, you are feeling more awake with each upward movement.

 When you reach the top of the stair case, take a deep gentle breath, and imagine yourself sitting comfortably again. You feel the seat underneath you, you feel your fingers and toes, and may even wiggle them as you feel your body. Feel your breath, touch your teeth with your tongue, feel the heaviness of your physical form, and in our own time, open your eyes.

 * Sometimes when one opens the door, it is not to a golden mist, but can be waterfalls, forests, flower gardens, beds. Your Highest Self will actually lead you to a comfortable, safe place. Let your imagination take you where ever it is that you need to be. And enjoy the experience.

 There will come a time when you will hear the voice of your Highest Self without needing to sit and connect in meditation. The more you listen to it, the louder it becomes. The choice will always be yours whether you heed the advice of the voice or the voice of ego. All choices are correct Just some choices lead us to a place with less struggle.